Lisa Boivin is a member of the Deninu Kue First Nation in Northwest Territories. She is an interdisciplinary artist and a healthcare educator. Lisa is enrolled in the Doctoral Stream at the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. She is writing and painting an arts-based thesis on Indigenous perspectives of wellness and the disabling effects of colonialism. She uses digital paintings as a pedagogical tool to address the colonial barriers Indigenous patients navigate in the current healthcare system. Lisa strives to humanize clinical medicine as she situates her art-based practice in the Indigenous continuum of passing knowledge through images.


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  1. Tanse Lisa

    I’m contacting you because you are coming to Winnipeg to speak in the last week of January 2016. I read a story about you coming to the University of Manitoba for Indigenous Knowledge in The Classroom: Questions, challenges, and Opportunities week in First nations Voice today.

    I’m teaching Aboriginal Education to B. Ed students at the University of Manitoba.

    I really want my students to understand colonization of education and to embrace FNMI ways of learning.

    The students will be reading some great stuff by Simpson, the Cuilestet (Yup’ik research/educators), and learning about the recommendations in the TRC.

    I’d love for them to hear you speak.

    Would you please come to their classroom on either Tuesday or Thursday Jan. 26th or 28th at 3:20 pm



  2. Greetings, I just watched your Ted talk and was quite moved by your art and your work. I am a white trans yoga teacher doing work at the intersection of social justice, trauma, and healing, and I am grateful to know about your work.


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